Soulmates Season 1 Finale Q&A — William Bridges & Brett Goldstein (Co-Creators, Executive Producers)

Brett Goldstein and William Bridges, the co-creators and executive producers of Soulmates, talk about the show's anthology format, where they find inspiration, and whether they would take The Test.

Q: Given the show is an episodic anthology, each episode presents a new story, setting, and cast. What are the challenges of approaching a show this way?

Brett Goldstein: The hardest part writing-wise is the length of each episode. It’s like trying to make a new movie every week, and fitting a movie’s worth of story into an hour. It’s fun and exciting because we can keep finding new worlds, characters, and voices. But production-wise, it’s a nightmare!

Q: What are the benefits?

BG: We will never get bored, and it allows us to seek out new writers and hear their takes on the idea. Ask anyone about love, and you'll get a different story. The interpretation of what love means is infinite. That's exciting to us. We'll never get bored of hearing stories of relationships—the more specific the better.

Q: Will, you co-wrote two episodes of Black Mirror, also an anthology series set in the future. How are these two series different from each other?

William Bridges: Charlie [Brooker]'s show is very special. It's very much his voice, his ideas, his own views on our relationship with technology. It's something that can't be replicated. Soulmates is different because it takes a look at our relationship with relationships. It's putting love under the microscope, and the technology only exists in our show to enable that storytelling device.

Q: How are they similar?

WB: I would say they're only similar in very practical ways. They're both anthology shows, and my name appears on a couple of episodes of each of them.

Q: Where do you find inspiration to write about such nebulous topics? Do real world scenarios act as the seeds for these far out ideas?

WB: We often start with a dramatic question we want to explore. For example, in Episode 1 the question we wanted to ask was, "would being with your soulmate mean more to you than the life you've already built?" And in Episode 6 we wanted to explore what it would mean if you took the test and found out your soulmate was a bad person -- what would that say about you?

Q: Is it a coincidence that there are so many actors in this show’s cast that have appeared on AMC shows in the past?

BG: I think so. We cast who we believed would be best for the part. Maybe because AMC happened to have made excellent shows with excellent actors, that helped!

Q: Would you take the test?

WB: No. Not now. Maybe if I was in my 20's I might. Who knows!

BG: I don’t think I would. Like Aerosmith said, "Life’s a journey, not a destination," and I think I see The Test as spoiling the ending!

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