Six Reasons Alpha Is an All-Time Great The Walking Dead Villain


Quiet as she is, Alpha immediately took the world of The Walking Dead by storm. Since then, she became one of the most fascinating villains in the show's history.

Then she crossed paths with Negan, and just like that, she was gone, killed by Negan at Carol's orders. While we sift through the wreckage and await answers as to just how deep Carol's plot goes, we're paying tribute to Alpha as an agent of chaos and one of the great TWD antagonists of all time by breaking down why she was so captivating.

She Found a Novel Way to Survive

We, like the survivors, thought we'd seen it all after years in the apocalypse. But Alpha showed there was always something new around the corner, always a new way to survive. The woman was a borderline genius to figure out that you could base a whole way of life, and thrive, around the dead, rather than trying to wall them out.

She Was Freakin' Terrifying

No explanation needed. Alpha was as scary as any walker.

How Alpha Turns the Survivors Against Each Other:

She Didn't Want to Be Redeemed

Many of TWD's villains are, ultimately, making up for something. A loss. Somebody they couldn't save. Even someone as monstrous as Beta is full of regret for not being able to save a lost friend. Or perhaps they're trying to do good and save society in their own twisted way. Maybe, just maybe, they can be saved or redeemed. Alpha fit none of those stereotypes of villainy. She didn't secretly want to become one of the survivors. She didn't envy them and their way of life. She was a villain, all the way.

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She Was a True Believer

The reason Alpha had no desire to be redeemed is because Alpha believed (and believed hard) in her mission, unlike some of the more cynical villains (:cough: Negan :cough:). And while it's scary to see a shotgun-wielding, walker-masked maniac leading a cult, it's actually somewhat refreshing compared to the morally-compromised bad guys we're used to.

She Was a Leader

Alpha was charismatic, brilliant and smart. Everything a leader should be. Who else inspired that kind of fear among both their followers and their enemies? The type of devotion that Beta showed Alpha is awe-inspiring. Gamma killed her own sister for Alpha. Guess it doesn't hurt when you behead anyone who challenges you.

She Made Silence a Weapon

Whispering was, heretofore, a quiet form of communication. But, in the hands of Alpha, the quiet became a weapon in and of itself. As we said, the woman was smart. Too bad she ran up against Carol.

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