Six of Will Smith's Most Memorable Movie One-Liners and Quotes

Will Smith has had a spectacular career. It has spanned three decades, a range of genres and characters, and required him to tap into both his acting and musical talent. Despite the long resume, it’s as though Smith is only getting started. Just last year he starred as Genie in Disney’s remake of the animated film, Aladdin, and he reprised his role as Mike Lowrey alongside Martin Lawrence in the third installment of the Bad Boys for Life franchise released this year.

While he recently spun up some dust in the news due to his inevitably-public personal life — you know the whole story of his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, having an alleged affair with August Alsina that has since been branded as the “entanglement” — we know that Will Smith’s lasting career has everything to do with the charisma he brings to every role, even in his most tortured of characters.

With the blockbuster hit Independence Day on AMC’s movie list this summer, we thought we’d celebrate the former Fresh Prince of Bel Air star and his longstanding career, by looking back at some of our favorite one-liners and quotes doled out by his many characters.

Honestly, we found it difficult to even narrow it down to one for each title.

"Carlton, don't make me come down there!” — Will Smith, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

There’s no better place to start than where Smith got his start: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. As anyone who watched the show will remember, Will was a cool ladies man that got great joy picking on his cousin Carlton. Specifically, Carlton’s height. So when they get into an argument and are face-to-face, Will chooses not to look into his eyes, but right over his head when he delivers this verbal jab.

Don’t feel bad for Carlton though, as he had his own brand of digs on Will, usually regarding his presumed lack of intelligence. Despite all of their infamous bickering, these two knew how to have a good time together.

Here’s a look at them doing their infamous dance in the final episode:

"No, you freeze, bitch! Now back up, put the gun down and get me a pack of Tropical Fruit Bubbalicious.” — Mike Lowrey, Bad Boys

Those are the words of Mike Lowrey, one half of the Miami Detective duo, otherwise known as Bad Boys. The other half, played by Martin Lawrence, is Marcus Burnett. The film was directed by none other than Michael Bay. In fact, Bad Boys was the first feature film that Bay ever directed. It’s from Bay’s commentary on the 1995 film that the audience learned he encouraged Smith and Lawrence to improv, in hopes that the comedic actors could save what Bay felt was a weak script (to put it mildly).

This quote specifically is one that was improvised, including Marcus’ follow up “and Skittles too.”

Apparently Bad Boys like candy:

"In seven days, God created the world. And in seven seconds, I shattered mine." — Ben Thomas, Seven Pounds

For viewers of the 2008 film Seven Pounds, this is one of the first sentences we hear uttered from our main character, Ben. It’s preceded by him making a phone call to report a suicide. When they ask who’s suicide he’s reporting, he confirms it’s his own. The movie proceeds to follow Ben as he is clearly suffering from what took place in those seven seconds. We eventually find out what that is, and we also find out how he plans to make it right.

Hear Ben make the call in the opening scene of the movie:

"I ain't playing with you, K. Did you ever flashy-thing me?" — Jay, Men In Black

Oh, the flashy thing. Also known as the Neuralyzer. It's the MIB tool of choice when you need to erase the memory of an earthling that has caught wind that there may be aliens on Earth. It's also the reason why the Men In Black infamously wear those sunglasses, because it only affects those who look at the light. But before Jay was wielding the "flashy thing" himself, he was also just a regular guy. So when he first sees his partner Agent K (played by Tommy Lee Jones) use the device, he's horrified. His next thought is whether it's been used on him.

Here's Jay watching the Neuralyzer be used for the first time:

"You have so got to die.” — Detective Del Spooner, i, Robot

The year is 2035 and robots exist to serve humans. They assist in basic public service jobs, and to keep people safe. But when Detective Del Spooner is put on a case to investigate the suicide of U.S. Robotics founder Alfred Lanning, he stumbles onto something bigger. He’s not wrong, the robots are hurting people. But he eventually finds out that it’s not really them he needs to kill to eliminate the threat.

See him put the nail in the coffin (the Sci-Fi version, at least):

“Welcome to Earth!” — Captain Steve Hiller, Independence Day

There were so many good ones to choose from in this classic Summer blockbuster! “I’m just a little anxious to get up there and whoop ET's ass. That’s all.” Or, "Now that’s what I call a close encounter.” Even, “I have got to get me one of these,” as he peers into the damaged spaceship he cleverly tricked into crashing into a mountain as he ejected himself to safety from his own plane.

As he’s looking inside that spaceship, he comes face to face with the alien—and it’s still alive. He punches it in what we imagine is its face, and says: “Welcome to Earth!”

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