Showrunners Talk Latest Death With EW, THR; Uproxx Lauds New Episode

This week, the showrunnners discuss death with Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter and TVLine, while Uproxx can't speak highly enough of the latest episode. Plus, Digital Spy is impressed by the show's confidence. Read on for more:

• Ian Goldberg notes to Entertainment Weekly about Nick's demise, "That was something that was just really important to us, was how to tell an emotional story for Nick and to send off his character in a fitting way."

• Because of the show's two timelines, Andrew Chambliss tells The Hollywood Reporter it "isn't the last time we'll see Nick. In the present day, we're really going to feel the fallout of his death, and see Strand, Alicia and Luciana struggle with the question about whether they can continue doing what they're doing in the face of such a great loss."

• Discussing Nick's death, Andrew Chambliss explains to TVLine, "Morgan is definitely going to carry a sense of responsibility going forward."

• "This week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead is not just the best episode of Fear the Walking Dead to date, it’s maybe best episode in the entire Walking Dead universe. It’s a terrific episode of TV that boasts great storytelling, great acting, and a heartbreaking surprise death that no one saw coming," Uproxx enthuses in its recap.

• Digital Spy asks, "Is there a more confident show on TV right now than Fear the Walking Dead?"

• points out that the latest episode "contains numerous callbacks to The Walking Dead."

• CNN decclares, "The wholesale fourth-season makeover of Fear the Walking Dead continued in the AMC show's third episode, with the sudden and surprising death of an original cast member."

• "Nick's death raises a ton of questions for the show going forward," suggests TV Guide, adding, "We don't have the answers yet. We'll just have to keep watching."

• The show "took a shocking turn Sunday when episode 4x03, 'Good Out Here,' killed off series veteran Nick (Frank Dillane), a major focus of the series since its first episode," says.

• TVLine commends Jenna Elfman's performance last week, saying she "taught a master class in how subtlety can help an actor make the kind of first impression that lasts."

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