Seven Ways to Get Ready for the Return of Comic Book Men This Sunday

This Sunday at midnight/11c, Comic Book Men returns with a bang as the guys celebrate Superman's 75th birthday with Superman himself, Dean Cain. In the meantime, what's a fanboy to do? How about...

1. Watch a sneak peek video for the new episode of Comic Book Men.

2. Check out sneak peek photos from this Sunday's show.

3. Test your knowledge of Superman and other superheroes with Comic Book Men's Ultimate Fan Games.

4. Answer the question every fanboy wrestles with: What superpower would you most like to have?

5. Watch full episodes of Comic Book Men online.

6. "Like" Comic Book Men on Facebook and "follow" Comic Book Men on Twitter.

7. Sign up for the AMC Weekly for the latest news on Comic Book Men and other AMC programming.