Seven Reasons We're Thrilled Maggie's Coming Back to The Walking Dead

It's official: Maggie's back!

The Walking Dead executive producer Angela Kang revealed Maggie is coming back to TWD. For fans, this is like Carl finding a long-lost can of chocolate pudding.

Once Maggie returns, there will be many mysteries to unravel, grudges to settle and plenty of walkers to kill. But in the meantime, it got us thinking about all the reasons Maggie is great and just how much we've missed her. So without further ado, here's seven things we can't for when Maggie returns to TWD.

To Hear About Where She's Been...

When Georgie mysteriously shows up in Season 8, she's got food to spare and a book of schematics to help rebuild the world. What kind of community has all that in the apocalypse? We're about to find out, because Maggie's spent years there!

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...And To See What She Brought Back With Her

Remember all those schematics? Life at the end of the world is tough. The survivors have lost the Kingdom and are about to enter a new phase of their cold war with the Whisperers. Any help Maggie can bring back with her will be a huge boon to the communities.

To See If She's Going to Wreak Fiery Vengeance on the Whisperers

The Whisperers killed her friends and destroyed the communities Maggie worked to unite, all while Maggie was perhaps hundreds of miles away. In the past, that kind of behavior hasn't sat well with Maggie. Just ask Gregory and Arat and the Terminans and many others who have stood in her way. The Whisperers better watch out if she's still in the survivors' path when Maggie returns.

Watch What Happens to Maggie's Enemies:

Three Words: Maggie vs. Negan

Speaking of which, Maggie never formally got her revenge on a certain big bad for what he did to Glenn, deciding to leave Negan alive instead. As of this writing, Negan is healthy as can be. When Maggie returns, with Rick elsewhere, will she be as merciful? Perhaps we'll finally get the Maggie vs. Negan showdown that Glenn deserves.

To See How Big Hershel Is

When we last saw Maggie and Glenn's son Hershel, he was a baby. One time jump later, he's roughly the age of a first grader. Does he look like Glenn? Maggie? Is he a kick-ass fighter like his parents? We're likely to find out soon.

The Communities Might Need a Leader

Things have not gone well for the chiefs of Hilltop since Maggie took off. The Whisperers killed Jesus. They killed Tara. It's anyone's guess who's next in line, but we know of one person who's already proven they have the strength to marshal the communities to face massive crises, huge battles and overwhelming odds: Maggie Rhee.

Because We Just Missed Her

Maggie has been a huge part of the heart and soul of the group since the moment she arrived on the scene. Following her journey through tremendous ups and downs, feats of bravery and heroism and moments dark and light has been a real treat. We can't wait to see.

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