Saul Honored With TCA Award; Gordon Smith Talks to Gold Derby

This week, Better Call Saul is honored with a TCA Award, while Gordon Smith talks to Gold Derby. Plus, John Oliver uses Jonathan Banks to discuss sex education. Read on for more:

• The Los Angeles Times reports that Better Call Saul won the TCA Award for Outstanding New Program.

• Gordon Smith, chatting with Gold Derby about his Emmy nod for "Five-O," says, "I'm just very grateful and a little bit overwhelmed."

• The Los Angeles Times spotlights how John Oliver explored "the role Mike from Breaking Bad has played in the sexual miseducation of America's youth."

The Hollywood Reporter charts how this year's lead Emmy acting nominees, including Bob Odenkirk, are linked in "an interconnected web of TV and movie working relationships that'll melt brains, make IMDb addicts drool and create quite the communal experience backstage."

• At an Albuquerque Isotopes minor league baseball game, the Albuquerque Journal catches up with Bob Odenkirk, who said, "You’ve got a beautiful ballpark here. I mean, come on. This is big league."

Vanity Fair highlights 10 sketches "that capture the range of Mr. Show's lunacy."

Entertainment Weekly shares an exclusive clip from the I Am Chris Farley documentary that features Bob Odenkirk paying tribute to Farley's character, Matt "Well, la-dee-frickin'-da!" Foley.

• Julie Ann Emery tells Seat42F, "Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are such decent human beings. And Bob [Odenkirk], I’ve known him for a long time and since Fargo. He is such a great guy. So is Jonathan Banks."

Los Angeles Downtown News reports that the "Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design" exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising includes outfits from Better Call Saul.

Bustle isolates nine "incredible" Weeds celebrity cameos, including Bob Odenkirk (who's "got quite the drug TV show resume").

Call Saul Now highlights a selfie from the Better Call Saul set that Patrick Fabian posted on Instagram.

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