Salon Calls Saul One of Decade's Best; Whither Jimmy & Kim, CarterMatt Asks

This week, Salon considers Better Call Saul one of the decade's best shows, while CarterMatt wonders what will happen with Jimmy and Kim. Plus, The Hollywood Reporter points out that Saul is part of a larger Sad TV trend. Read on for more:

• Salon deems Better Call Saul one of the decade's best: "The production alone, just as in Breaking Bad, is one of a kind, grounded in the world outside our windows and yet surreal. The characters, too, are both commonplace and Lynchian."

• CarterMatt speculates whether there's "a future at all for Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler?"

• Asserting the current proliferation of Sad TV, The Hollywood Reporter points out that Better Call Saul "completed its third and finest season after recognizing that it was actually a tragedy about a moral man's slide into immorality."

• The Daily Herald notes, "It's extremely difficult to create a spinoff that fully distinguishes itself from the source material unless you're a TV genius like Vince Gilligan (Better Call Saul), Dick Wolf (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) or Garry Marshall (Laverne and Shirley)."

• Relix reports the recent episode of FOX's Family Guy created VEDDER Call Saul, "a new series where Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder calls his lawyer, Saul Goodman, when he gets into trouble."

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