Ruth Negga Discusses Tulip With ET; TVLine Spotlights Preacher Quote

This week, Ruth Negga talks about the inspiration behind Tulip with Entertainment Tonight, while TVLine spotlights a Preacher quote from last week. Plus, Dominic Cooper dissects the show's popularity with Metro. Read on for more:

• Speaking with Entertainment Tonight about playing Tulip, Ruth Negga reveals, "What influenced me was sort of the punk era, and that kind of androgynous nature of all these musicians, who refused to be one thing or the other."

• TVLine's top TV quotes from last week include a New Orleans tourist antagonizing Jesse by saying, "Hey, you know that joke about the preacher who walks into a bar? That’s him!"

• Dominic Cooper tells Metro that Preacher is popular because it "leads you in an unexpected direction and even though they’re ludicrous characters, they’re embedded in some sort of realism."

• examines Tulip's wardrobe, saying, "Tulip has agency and isn’t here for the ride just to be a romantic foil and the mix of delicate with tough fabrics reflects these aspects."

• Discussing the show's New Orleans location with Cinema Blend, Julie Ann Emery says that "there's always something about New Orleans that feels a little up to no good. You can almost see that visually in the show."

• The Scottish Sun interviews Graham McTavish, who calls Preacher's sensibility "very much humour of the darkest kind — it has the kind of laughs where you catch yourself and think to yourself 'oh God.'"

• Comic Book Resources catalogs 15 of "the most depraved, subversive and downright shocking scenes so far" in the series.

• For recaps and reviews of Season 2, Episode 4, "Viktor," check out A.V. Club,, Den of Geek, IGN, Screen Rant, Uproxx and Vulture.

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