Robot Kills Man in Car Plant; IBM's Watson Taking on Cancer

This week, a robot killed a technician in Berlin, while IBM's Watson takes on cancer. Plus, Wired explores the next A.I. frontier. Read on for more:

•  A robot crushed a technician in a Berlin Volkswagen plant, reports TIME.

• According to The Washington Post, "IBM is now training Watson to be a cancer specialist."

Wired explores the next artificial intelligence frontier, teaching "online services to understand natural language, to grasp not just the meaning of words, but entire sentences and even paragraphs."

The Wall Street Journal reports on machines that are "inching closer to self-learning, and perhaps even copping a little attitude."

• The director of Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence research lab tells Yahoo machines won't want to do "all the things that drive humans to do bad things to other humans: There’s no reason machines will have any of this unless we build it into them. And we won’t."

CNET reports that the Georgia Institute of Technology has created a form of artificial intelligence that can build its own Super Mario levels.

• The Harvard Business Review argues, "Instead of just STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), we should perhaps be promoting STEMMA — raising a new generation that also has greater capacities for managing collective human endeavors and appreciating the arts."

• Remarking that top technology companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Google are making large A.I. investments, Seeking Alpha says that "the real challenge for these companies is how best to use the technology to allow software to understand human language and interact with it in a meaningful way."

Business Insider notes that a "new artificial intelligence (AI) program designed by Chinese researchers has beat humans on a verbal IQ test."

The Denver Post points out that recent films and TV series, like HUMANS, "expose our anxieties about artificial intelligence."

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