Robert Kirkman Chats With LA Times; Yahoo Applauds Secret History

This week, Robert Kirkman chats with the Los Angeles Times about Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics, while Yahoo applauds Kirkman's role in the show. Plus, Blaine Anderson talks to about playing Joe Shuster. Read on for more:

• Discussing the show, Robert Kirkman tells the Los Angeles Times, "There’s a tremendous amount of stories that people just don’t know about that are fascinating. A lot of things go into this work, and it’s a lot of very interesting people that bring this stuff about."

• Yahoo, reviewing the show, applauds Robert Kirkman, who "has used his influence with [AMC] to come up with a comics series that adds to our knowledge and enjoyment of the form."

• Blaine Anderson, who plays Jerry Siegel in the upcoming episode, "The Trials of Superman," tells, "I think that the stories behind iconic characters like Superman are just as intriguing as the heroes themselves. In this case, knowing the story of the creators has brought me closer to the Man of Steel."

• Speaking with Seat42F, Brendan Taylor says of Jerry Siegel, the character he plays, that "it’s very easy to reach the conclusion that perhaps Clark Kent was based off his real self, and the alter ego Superman was his fantasy self."

• "There were definitely at least one or two times in each episode where I’d be going over cuts or looking at things, and I’d be like, 'Wait a minute, now I’m learning this! I had no idea!'" Robert Kirkman explains to

• Monsters & Critics observes that Robert Kirkman's "love for the world of comics knows no bounds — and it shows. Fans of the genre will be immersed in a universe of amazing tales that drive vast swathes of pop culture in film and television today."

• Robert Kirkman tells Vulture he oversaw the show because "I kinda consider myself, maybe, the comic-book ambassador. I knew that, because my name was gonna be on this, and because I’m a very entrenched member of the comic community, it’s on me to make sure that this is accurate as possible."

• Speaking with Superman Homepage, Brendan Taylor says of Joe Shuster and Siegel, "To see how their personal fight for truth and justice lines up with that which Superman himself fights for is also so fascinating."

• Blaine Anderson tells Fortress of Solitude, "There are obvious parallels between Superman’s struggles and those of his creators, but what’s interesting to us is that the creation of Superman and Lex Luthor pre-dates the worst of the legal issues that happened to Siegel and Shuster."

• Interviewed by Superman Super Site, Brendan Taylor says Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel's "tenacity and love of their creation is really inspiring; as if Superman, this fictional character, was bigger than them. They wanted the best for him, and for his fans and make sure he was, and remained what they had envisioned so long ago."

• Previewing the show's episodes, Rotten Tomatoes says, "While some of the stories will be familiar to comic book fans, they may also reveal a few new wrinkles worthy of appearing in DC Comics’ own Secret Origins series."

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