Extras for the Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics Series Premiere

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Series Premiere Extras

Video: Full Series Premiere

Video: Stan Lee Explains How He Created The X-Men

Series Premiere Q&A With Sean Howe (Comic Historian)

Video: Stan Lee on His Partnership With Jack Kirby (Available Monday)

Season 1 Editors' Picks

Executive Producers and directors Daniel Junge and Rory Karpf talk the making-of the series.

Robert Kirkman explains how one quirky chance encounter changed his career forever.

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins talks the importance of female superheros.

Rapper and actor Method Man dishes on his impressive comic collection and how comic books shaped his life.

The director of Superman: The Movie, Richard Donner, opens up about meeting the original creators of The Man of Steel.

Famke Janssen shares secrets from the filming of X-Men.

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