Extras for the Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics Episode 4

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Episode 4 Extras

Video: Full Episode 4

Video: Famke Janssen Shares Her Experience Shooting the First X-Men Movie

Q&A With Jeffery Moulton (Author)

Video: How Frank Miller's Gritty Approach Took Comics in a New Direction

Season 1 Editors' Picks

Executive Producers and directors Daniel Junge and Rory Karpf talk the making-of the series.

Robert Kirkman explains how one quirky chance encounter changed his career forever.

Stan Lee discusses how he came up with The X-Men.

Rapper and actor Method Man dishes on his impressive comic collection and how comic books shaped his life.

The director of Superman: The Movie, Richard Donner, opens up about meeting the original creators of The Man of Steel.

Famke Janssen shares secrets from the filming of X-Men.

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