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Norman Reedus wraps up Season 2 by reminiscing about some of the favorite parts of this Season's adventures, including what he thinks was the craziest ride of the bunch, and teases what's to come on Season 3.

Q: What was your favorite ride you did this season?

A: Oh my god, they were all good. Aimee Nash is a really good friend of mine; when we went to New Mexico and did some crazy things in weird outfits -- that ride, as a trip, was really nice for me. The ride with Dave [Chapelle] was a great ride, too, because I got to know Dave a lot better. The ride with Jeffrey [Dean Morgan] was a lot of fun because Jeffrey and I are buddies and we did this crazy adventure together. The ride to Hawaii with a friend of mine who I’ve known for a long time and to look at the beauty of Hawaii …they’re all good for different reasons. It’s hard to pick a favorite because every ride is different and every trip is different and every guest has a different way of looking at things. There are moments throughout the season that really stuck out for me, but they were all good in their own ways.

Q: Was there a favorite bike this season?

A: I really liked Yaniv’s SXR that he built at his shop, Powerplant, in Los Angeles. That bike I rode on the L.A. trip was a really cool bike, I have to say – so much so that he made me one!

Q: You also ate a ton of great food this season. Was there a meal that stands out to you?

A: That paella in Spain was really good. That fresh sea urchin was really good. You eat so much on camera and try local specialties. When I’m in Georgia doing The Walking Dead, it’s so hot and I don’t eat all the time. A lot of coffee, but I don't eat a lot. But when you're riding on the bike, you're sitting and eating and sitting and eating. I just felt like I was gaining weight every single episode. I was just eating and eating. People recommend those places to us and it’s always delicious.

Q: What was the craziest thing that happened this season?

A: There was the festival that happened in Spain when Jeffrey and I were there. There were so many explosions and fireworks that went off that it was literally deafening. It was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard and it went on for a long time. When they first went off, there were so many that my hat flew off my head. It was insane. And then while going down the mountains in Hawaii down to the active volcano, the winds were so heavy going down those hills that we were literally coming in sideways. That was really scary. We were trying to ride beside the camera van to block the wind because it got really scary at one point. Patrick [Hoelck] and I were freaking out.

Q: Which person/place surprised you the most?

A: Spain. To have the number of people that came out to meet us in the streets, that was like being at San Diego Comic-Con every time we got off the bike. There must have been 1,000 people every time we stopped the bike to record. There were so many people and they were so good to us. That country was really heartwarming and it was such a good feeling to be there. To be so far from home and get that kind of love was really spectacular.

Q: Why did you take so much pleasure in seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the "booter"?

A: It's funny because I know Jeffrey as a rider of really big Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They all weigh a ton and he’s got a couple of them and they all look like apartments. To have his tall skinny ass on that little tiny booter was kind of hysterical.

Q: Have you recovered from all the bug bites you suffered in Lowcountry?

A: I'm used to bugs, to be honest, from shooting in Georgia. Bugs have been a main part of my life for the last eight years. [Laughs]

Q: What was it like ziplining the mountain in New Mexico?

A: When I came up with the crazy idea to dress like a chicken, it seemed like the funniest thing in the world and then, once we got up there, there are orange feathers in my face and I can’t see where I’m going. There were a trail of feathers flying behind me. At one point, I flipped around backwards and couldn’t flip back around and I could just see a trail of feathers behind me. I was like, "Oh my god. By the time I get to the bottom, I’m going to be a naked chicken." When we got up to the top and the snow storm started and the winds picked up, the guys we had up there were like, “We’ve got to go now!” and everyone went into fifth gear. And then they go, “Ladies first!” and I should have gone, "No, I’ll go first," but I was a chicken for real. Aimee was way braver than I was. I thought she had to be way warmer in that gorilla suit.

Q: There were multiple appearances of the chicken suit. How did the fascination with the chicken suit come about this season?

A: The Showrunner and I came up with the idea and it became this running joke through the season: where are we going to put the chicken? And we kept finding new places to put the chicken.

Q: What was it like seeing the lava of an active volcano? Are you still afraid of Pele, the Hawaiian goddess?

A: It was pretty wild. The thing about Hawaii is that it feels alive. The grounds feel alive. There’s so much history there and so many mythical stories. It’s super fascinating. The people there are such beautiful people. To learn about everything that’s gone down in Hawaii, how the people have had to adapt, and their love for the culture and land – it feels like such a vibrant place. I don’t know that I’m afraid of her. I like her. I feel like we would get along. I like what she’s about.

Q: How would you describe your experience in the Turkish and Russian bath house?

A: I didn’t expect to just be completely beaten with sticks. They literally pick up a forty-pound bush and slap you across the face. It felt great after it was over, but I’ve got to admit: going into those little rooms sort of felt like that movie Saw. That place has been around forever. I went there ages ago, but I didn’t get the "bush in the face" treatment. They gave us the full workover.

Q: You rode mountains, cities, oceanside and in deserts this season. Do you have a preference?

A: I always prefer to ride without traffic. Riding around New York is great because I live there and I know New York, but riding out in the desert with that wind in your face, you really can’t beat that.

Q: Do you have any dream locations and riders you're already thinking of for Season 3?

A: We’ve been coming up with some great names and have been in contact with a lot of good people. Season 3 is going to be awesome. If we can get half the people that we’re talking to and go to half the locations, we’ll be golden. The first season was rough because we didn’t quite know what the show was. I think we nailed Season 2 and the doors are wide open for Season 3. I'm excited to get going.

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