Get a Tour of Greg Nicotero's Studio in This Scene From the Latest Episode

"You go from whacky '60s sci-fi to our little gallery of dead folks," explains The Walking Dead Executive Producer and Special Effects Makeup Designer Greg Nicotero as he shows Norman around his eclectic 20,000-square-foot studio. Norman looks around, taking stock of Greg's collection of zombie dummies, prosthetics, bloody props and more. "This is like a fun house!" says Norman.

Greg also reveals how he used to want to be a surgeon and how his training in the operating room helps with his gruesome special effects designs even today.

After running into a lifelike recreation of himself -- which Norman takes a selfie with -- Norman and Greg reminisce about the first time Norman saw Greg on the set of the The Walking Dead.

Get a tour of Greg Nicotero's studio alongside Norman in this scene from the latest episode.

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