Rhea Seehorn on her Personal Style; Variety Critic Touts Emmys for Saul

This week, Rhea Seehorn talks about her fashion sense with People, while a Variety critic wants Emmys for Better Call Saul. Plus, Vince Gilligan is writing a series on Jim Jones and Jonestown. Read on for more:

• Rhea Seehorn discusses her personal style with People: "My fiancé says I dress like Annie Hall, which I like. I am somewhere at that, and Sally Albright from When Harry Met Sally – I wish it was fall year round, and that I was wearing layers."

• A Variety TV critic supports a best drama Emmy for Better Call Saul, which "had a second season which made me want to tear my hair out with joy, if that makes sense — closely plotted, gorgeously filmed, and affecting character arcs" -- and also supports Emmys for Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks.

• Vince Gilligan and Michelle MacLaren are reuniting to write and direct, respectively, an HBO limited series called Raven, about Jim Jones and the events in Jonestown, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

CarterMatt believes Jonathan Banks should win the best drama supporting actor Emmy "in part because he sometimes does so much with so little, and also because of his legacy of getting snubbed routinely for this role."

• Australia's The Shout, reporting on Drambuie's relaunch incorporating the Rusty Nail, notes that "the cocktail was the drink of choice of television character Saul Goodman."

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