Rhea Seehorn Chats With L.A. Times; Deadline on Tony Dalton Promotion

This week, the Los Angeles Times interviews Rhea Seehorn, while Deadline reports that Tony Dalton will be a Season 5 series regular. Plus, Den of Geek discovers what Patrick Fabian thinks of Howard. Read on for more:

• Rhea Seehorn muses to the Los Angeles Times, "Would Jimmy have become Saul if he never met Kim? Would Kim's trajectory be the same or how would it be different if she never met Jimmy?"

• According to Deadline, Tony Dalton has been upped to a series regular for Season 5, ensuring that "Lalo is going to be a permanent fixture on Better Call Saul."

• Patrick Fabian says, as quoted by Den of Geek, "I don’t think of Howard as being anything but a light character. I think of him as sort of a Peter Pan, living a great existence and then these McGill Brothers – Michael McKean and Bob Odenkirk – are sort of mucking it all up."

• The Albuquerque Journal reports that Season 5 is beginning principal photography this month in Albuquerque.

CarterMatt, excited that production is underway, believes that Better Call Saul has "shown itself to be a series worthy" of Breaking Bad's "legacy and absolutely worthy of all of the attention it has received — even if it remains quite under-appreciated from awards shows along the way."

Gold Derby predicts a first Emmy nomination for Rhea Seehorn this year, noting that the Emmys have "snubbed her for the first three seasons even though her co-stars Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks have been nominated every year."

• The Brisbane Times heralds the show's opening credits, where "the theme music cuts off mid-bar, leaving everything feeling ever so slightly unresolved and off. It is a model of efficiency in setting tone and creating tension."

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