RadioTimes on Drummer Casting; ComingSoon Reports Filming Start

This week, Radio Times reports that Charles Dance has joined The Little Drummer Girl cast, while reports the show has started shooting in Europe. Plus, Deadline says Michael Shannon has been cast as an Israeli spymaster. Read on for more:

• Radio Times reports that The Little Drummer Girl has cast Charles Dance to play a character named Picton in the adaptation of John Le Carré's book of the same name.

• The Little Drummer Girl has started shooting across Europe "on a global scale," says.

• According to Deadline, Michael Shannon is joining the show, playing "Israeli spymaster Kurtz, who entangles a young woman (Florence Pugh) in a complex and high-stakes plot with his Israeli intelligence officer colleague (Alexander Skarsgård)."

• UPI reports that Park Chan-wook is directing all six hours of The Little Drummer Girl.

• Showbiz Junkies adds that the cast also includes Michael Moshonov as Litvak, Charif Ghattas as Khalil, Amir Khoury as Michel, Katharina Schuttler as Helga, Simona Brown as Rachel and Max Irons as Al.

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