Radio Times Touts First Episodes; Digital Spy on Adapting Drummer

This week, Radio Times is a fan of the first two episodes, while Digital Spy quotes Simon Cornwell on adapting The Little Drummer Girl. Plus, Metro is wowed by the show's visuals. Read on for more:

• After watching the first pair of episodes, Radio Times calls The Little Drummer Girl "rather wonderful – a fabulous tonic as the nights draw in," noting that Florence Pugh is "dazzling" and Park Chan-wook "brings a sweeping, cinematic sensibility to the screen."

• According to Digital Spy, Simon Cornwell explains, "After The Night Manager, we were looking for something which shared the ambition and the scale and scope of The Night Manager but, at the same time, was radically different from it in tone, in approach, in storytelling and context. This seemed a very natural choice for us."

Metro's review cheers, "Visually, LDG is lifted straight from a David Hockney finest – bold, bright and effortlessly cool – while its satisfying slow-burning plot moves at the perfect pace for the closing hours of the cold weekends ahead."

• The Mirror proclaims that Park Chan-wook "offers as daring, bold and intriguing an experience as ever" and calls Michael Shannon's performance "brilliant."

• Speaking with the U.K.'s Press Association about The Little Drummer Girl versus The Night Manager, John le Carré says, "We may not have such a vast audience but I think we will have a very thoughtful one, a very grateful one, because it’s a beautiful slow evolving story."

BT TV reveals "why everyone’s talking about The Little Drummer Girl - and why you need to watch."

• Discussing an important Greek location for The Little Drummer Girl, iNews quotes Simon Cornwell saying, "Shooting at night on the Acropolis was a big deal. Flying a drone over the Acropolis was a first in the 2,500 years since it was built."

Variety reports that several deals have been struck for The Little Drummer Girl, in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Holland, Spain, Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland, Israel, Australia and New Zealand, among others.

The Little Drummer Girl premieres Monday, November 19 9/8c. For more on all the latest The Little Drummer Girl news, sign up for the Insiders Club.