Associated Press Readies for Hell on Wheels; USA Today Talks With Anson Mount


AMC's upcoming original series, Hell on Wheels, has started surfacing in the media with some regularity with appearances in AP, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, and TV Guide to name but a few. Read below to see what the buzz is about.

In a profile of AMC President Charlie Collier, the Associated Press says that Hell on Wheels, which debuts Nov. 6, will feature "mud, blood, sprawling landscapes, and conflict on a grand scale."

• In one USA Today article, Anson Mount, who stars as Cullen Bohannon, says his interest in the Hell on Wheels era "borders on the religious."

• The Los Angeles Times notes that Hell on Wheels' "time period, location, and themes...have drawn comparisons" to HBO's Deadwood." Show runner Joe Gayton responds, saying "If there are favorable comparisons to Deadwood, I'll take them."

Gayton then tells TV Guide what makes Hell on Wheels different from Deadwood: it's about the Union Pacific Railroad, not the Western Central Pacific, joking that "We've called this an 'Eastern' as opposed to a 'Western'."

• A Variety article also touches on the era's race relations, quoting Colm Meaney, who stars as Thomas Durant: "One of the things I find uncomfortable as an actor is taking on the [bigotry] of a character, which is something you must do."

• Calgary Herald notes that Hell on Wheels is a "made-in-Calgary Western." [No link.]

The Onion's AV Club calls the Hell on Wheels teaser "promising."

• AMC's Joel Stillerman tells AOL TV that Hell on Wheels captures the "American West at a time when nothing less than the future of the nation was at stake." says Hell on Wheels looks "beyond the stale details we all read in our history textbooks."

• Denver Post references Hell on Wheels in an article about how the Old West is all the rage, "taking viewers back to a dirty, dusty, politically incorrect time." [No link.]