Washington Post Says Hell on Wheels Better Than Ever; LA News Interviews Anson Mount


This week, The Washington Post calls Hell on Wheels "impressive and gritty," while Anson Mount tells The Los Angeles Daily News how he wished for a Western role. Read on for more Hell on Wheels news:

The Washington Post points out that Hell on Wheels was "a ratings and critical success last season," and proclaims that Season 2 "is better than ever."

The Los Angeles Daily News speaks with Anson Mount about his desire to do a Western: "For someone who plays make-believe for a living, being in Hell on Wheels is a dream come true, literally."

Mount explores his character's motivations with TV.com, explaining that "the whole second season, Cullen is being questioned as to why he's still at the railroad, and it's a good question."

• In a video interview, Common describes Elam to the Associated Press as a person who is "getting some power and not really knowing what to do with that power." Common tells the New York Daily News that Elam "still faces certain obstacles as a black man."

Anson Mount teases Season 2 to Philly2Philly.com and also talks about teaching at Columbia University and his non-Hell on Wheels projects.

Mount marvels about the railroad's engineering to Canada's QMI Agency: "It was completed by a group of mostly uneducated men who literally, a month before the project, had been either trying to kill each other or own each other."

Common tells TheGrio.com he feels "a responsibility playing Elam Ferguson, who is an African American or black man of that time, and is really strong and intelligent and a leader."

The Calgary Herald visits the new and improved Hell on Wheels set, calling it a marvel both up close and from afar."

Canada's The Province profiles Christopher Heyerdahl, who says, "God didn't give me the face of a hero, and it's a blessing because you end up with characters that are more fluid."

Metro Calgary interviews Carol Case, the Hell on Wheels costume designer, who says, "You want to keep as close to the historical aspect of it, but also give it a modern sensibility."

• In its Season 2 premiere preview, Canada's Postmedia News promises that Hell on Wheels is "not your grandfather's TV western."

Celebuzz previewed the Season 2 premiere with Executive Producer John Shiban, who explains that the building of the railroad is "like a war."

The Calgary Herald speaks with the cast and crew at the Hell on Wheels Season 2 Calgary premiere earlier this week.

Cowboys & Indians provides a primer to Hell on Wheels ahead of the Season 2 premiere.

Breitbart.com calls Hell on Wheels "brilliant" and says it "hits all the beats a good Western needs to hit."

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