Christopher Heyerdahl on Toronto Sun Cover; Colm Meaney "Delighted" With Durant Role


Christopher Heyerdahl is in the spotlight this week with attention from several publications, even landing a cover story in The Toronto Sun. Also, Colm Meaney talks about playing Doc Durant. Keep reading for more Hell on Wheels news.

Christopher Heyerdahl graces the cover of the Toronto Sun and talks about perfecting "friendly menace" for roles like The Swede. "The more humane I play these characters, the more kind, the more generous, the more menacing they seem," he explains.

• In an interview with Crave Online, Heyerdahl dishes out details about Hell on Wheels Season 2 and what's in store for his character: "The Swede is back and he's back with a vengeance."

The Irish Sun profiles Colm Meaney, who admits he likes playing a "baddie" on Hell on Wheels. "I'm starting to get more roles like that. Maybe I'm getting meaner-looking as I get older," he jokes.

Heyerdahl gets props from E! Online for his work on True Blood. "He scares us in all the best ways," says E!. Assignment X praises his vampire acting chops, as well.