THR Interviews Sam Catlin; Town and Country Profiles Ruth Negga

This week, The Hollywood Reporter interviews Sam Catlin, while Town and Country profiles Ruth Negga. Plus, Graham McTavish describes the Saint of Killers to Den of Geek. Read on for more:

• Sam Catlin tells The Hollywood Reporter that "with the benefit of being in a place like New Orleans, and the benefit of Jesse actually looking for somebody called God, it's created so many opportunities for us to just make the world that much more Preacher and that much more perverse and absurd and foreign."

• In a Town and Country profile of Ruth Negga, Sam Catlin exclaims, "There’s no way you would cast her as Tulip after seeing her in Loving. It’s a testament to her ability, and her facility for empathizing with all these types of women."

• Graham McTavish characterizes the Saint of Killers to Den of Geek as "a man who’s economical with his words and his movements, so you have to retain this sort of skilled silence a lot of the time and allow that silence and stillness to be very eloquent in their own way."

• Talking to, Ruth Negga says the trio of Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy have "really only got one another and as autonomous as Tulip and Cassidy are, they have a sort of a reliance on Jesse to direct them."

• The Guardian raves that "it is [Joseph] Gilgun’s Cassidy who walks away with every scene."

• Explaining the Season 2 Premiere cold open to io9, Evan Goldberg says, "We just wanted to start with something that was really shocking and intense and exciting and not wait one second to give people a taste of what this season is going to be."

• reports that the Season 2 Premiere "concluded with a tribute frame reading 'For Steve,' honoring Steve Dillon."

• Sam Catlin, explaining Season 2 to Entertainment Weekly, says, "We’re out into the wide wide world after sort of being cooped up in this little town. We bring in all sorts of crazy characters from the comic that we had to really restrain ourselves from bringing in too early in season 1. So that’s been a lot of fun."

• Interviewed by the Los Angeles Times, Ruth Negga calls Tulip "volatile, but also vulnerable. She’s kind, but she’s also sharp and quite cutting. And the action scenes are so much fun!"

• Previewing Season 2, Dominic Cooper tells, "It gets more and more gory. There are some wonderfully choreographed episodes, where I had to learn a much more complex series of fight routines ... It gets worse and worse in a good way. There are a lot of intestines."

• Reflecting on Season 2's New Orleans location, Ruth Negga says to The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune that the city "adds a sort of macabre, Gothic, heightened energy where anything can happen."

• Talking up Season 2 with TV Insider, Sam Catlin explains that the show is "bigger, it’s more dynamic, it’s on the move and the stakes are much higher. There are more bad guys [oh hey, Herr Starr], there’s scarier bad guys, and there’s real rifts between our main characters."

• Seth Rogen, speaking with Moviefone, says the show's view of America is "a manufactured reality, and hopefully the characters are real, and the emotions are real, and all that's real – the dynamic – but the world itself is not meant to feel like entirely authentic. It's meant to feel a little bit off, but also real."

• Dominic Cooper previews Jesse's arc to Gold Derby: "He’s strong, he’s decisive, he’s trustworthy, but his torment and his pain consume him to a point that he becomes quite selfish and he makes some terrible mistakes."

• Reviewing Season 2, IndieWire writes, "Armed with a greater knowledge of the tool that Jesse has at his disposal, the outset of Season 2 finds Preacher at an even more solipsistic level. And it’s working to the show’s advantage."

• For its part, Bloody Disgusting enthuses that Season 2 "appears to fully deliver on its promise. The motley crew is on a full-blown road trip that’s leaving bloody entrails in their wake (literally). [Seth] Rogen and [Evan] Goldberg have hand-crafted a fresh take on the source material that’s as much of a gift to the fans as [Garth] Ennis’ comics."

• Uproxx highlights the best Easter egg from the Season 2 Premiere.

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