Sam Catlin Explains Preacher Series Finale to EW, Talks the Challenge of Jesse vs. God With Deadline

This week, Sam Catlin discusses the Series Finale with Entertainment Weekly and talks about the challenge of Jesse's chase for God with Deadline. Plus, FanSided appreciates the show's willingness to tackle difficult subjects. Read on for more:

• "We wanted to have some of the characters have morally ambiguous conclusions," Sam Catlin explains to Entertainment Weekly, adding that "we liked the idea that, after everything, Starr flourishes and succeeds [laughs] and escapes justice, and all of that, something more in the chaotic world of the show."

• Sam Catlin tells Deadline, "The story is about Jesse being on the heels of someone for four seasons and how do you keep that immediate and urgent? That’s the real big challenge. How do you make someone who is looking for God, quote, unquote, stay immediate and become visceral. As opposed to being metaphorical or an idea."

FanSided lauds Preacher as "a series that’s well written, even better acted, and asking interesting questions about some of the most personal and controversial subjects" and adds that the show "has taken viewers on a spiritual adventure along with its characters." compiles a list of Series Finale deaths, writing, "While the vast majority of our heroes did walk away from the madness relatively unscathed, not everyone was quite so lucky. Of course, death eventually comes...even for the lucky ones."

• Sam Catlin tells Entertainment Weekly that Garth Ennis "really gave us a great signpost in the comic. We always had a sense of how we wanted much of it to end. We didn’t always know how we were going to get there, but there were certain things that we knew had to happen at the end, or near the end."

TV Insider previews "the truly bizarre series finale of TV's most boldly irreverent supernatural thriller. How irreverent? Consider the epic fistfight between Jesus and Hitler that's just one of many showdowns: Tulip confronting a traitorous Cassidy, Jesse facing the unyielding Saint of Killers, and God vs. just about everyone."

• Ahead of the Series Finale, observes that the show's last episode "will finally bring the ambitious comic adaptation to an end, tying together a number of complex threads to fulfill fans."

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