How Preacher Wrestles With the "Worst Part" of Jesse

He breaks men's arms on a drunken whim, he's done his share of bank robberies, and he's turned his back on the woman he loves. But Jesse Custer didn't become this way for no reason. "For all of Jesse's complexity, he doesn't take kindly to being made a fool of," showrunner Sam Catlin explains in a new behind-the-scenes video.

Go Inside Episode 5 With the Cast and Creators.

With Tulip in his life, there's been a lot of secrets, and, in turn, plenty of opportunities to feel like a fool. From hiding her marriage to hiding her plans for a baby, Tulip is, aside from the death of his father, Jesse's biggest weakness. "We see where the real cracks formed and the real hurt happened," Dominic Cooper says. "It was the life he thought they were going to have together."

Hear the cast and creators break down what's really behind the "worst part" of Jesse Custer.

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