Fiore Reveals All About the Saint of Killers

The last time Jesse saw the "angels" -- Fiore and DeBlanc -- they were trying to get Genesis back. Although Jesse tried to comply, the angel-demon baby wouldn't let Jesse go. With DeBlanc now dead, Fiore is stuck on Earth alone, and he hasn't forgotten who put him in this miserable place.

Watch the Talked About Scene from Episode 2.

When Jesse asks Fiore to tell them what he knows about the creepy cowboy that's after them, Fiore tells him everything. "He's not a man at all, not anymore," says Fiore. "He's a beast straight out of Hell. But he doesn't want Genesis for himself, he wants to kill it, and you. And there's nothing anyone can do to stop it."

And that's just the start of it. Hear what else Fiore reveals to Jesse in this must-see scene from Episode 2.

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