EW on Dominic Cooper's Comic-Con Preview; LA Times on Herr Starr

This week, Entertainment Weekly gets a preview from Dominic Cooper at Comic-Con, while the Los Angeles Times checks out Herr Starr in the show's Comic-Con trailer. Plus, The New York Times spotlights Preacher when writing about dialect coaches. Read on for more:

• Teasing the rest of the season, Dominic Cooper tells Entertainment Weekly at Comic-Con, "We learn a lot about the reason behind them [Jesse and Tulip] and why their relationship is what it is. You learn about his relationship with the father and why this quest for God is so important for him."

• According to the Los Angeles Times, Herr Starr shows up in Preacher's Comic-Con trailer and Pip Torrens, the actor behind Herr Starr, says, "He’s a very therapeutic character to play."

• The New York Times cites Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun and Ruth Negga as examples of actors who use dialect coaches since the "right dialects can help actors create a sense of of authenticity and also quickly transmit a lot of information about their characters."

• At Preacher's Comic-Con panel, Ruth Negga says Tulip "has had a life outside of [Jesse]. And that’s not healthy, but it is a part of her. I think we see all of those unhealthy bits of her laid bare this season. Especially in terms of what she’s been doing when she’s not with Jesse," CBR reports.

• Bleeding Cool and CBR have more from the show's Comic-Com panel.

• /Film views the show's Comic-Con trailer, saying the show's "blasphemous blend of fantasy, horror, and comedy has showcased some serious momentum in its second season and the series’ panel revealed a new trailer and an extended clip that promise the off-kilter insanity isn’t stopping anytime soon."

• Bleeding Cool adds, "You have to see it to believe it. Get a glimpse into the absurdly twisted, action-packed thrill ride that is the rest of Preacher Season 2 in the official Comic-Con trailer."

• And Uproxx declares "the entrance of Starr is the beginning of the roller coaster ride that is the rest of the Preacher story. Not that we haven’t had some great moments up to now — especially ones not in the comics — but it’s really something once it gets moving.

• TV Guide, speculating that Seth Rogen could appear on Preacher, comments that "there are a few characters Rogen might have his eye on."

• ComicBook.com notes that Season 2 is "steadily gaining acclaim - mostly for its wild, wacky, violent, and outrageously funny brew of religious mythos and mayhem."

• Vox declares that Preacher is "trying to retrofit character dynamics into its already existing structure — like building a car from the outside in. I have no idea if it will end up working, but I’m thrilled watching it try. It’s unexpectedly become one of my favorite shows of the summer."

• Interviewed by Geeks of Doom, Julie Ann Emery says, "I’m such a fan of Preacher that it was a dream come true for me, and I went after the role pretty hard. All that aside, Lara is such a good role, I would’ve gone after it anyway. It’s such an amazing, complex, actionary female role."

• Ian Colletti, talking to Den of Geek about transforming into Arseface, says, "I wanted people to have empathy for him but not pity. In a way, I think he’s heroic in a universe where there are so many immoral characters."

• For recaps and reviews of Season 2, Episode 6, "Sokosha," check out A.V. Club, Den of Geek, FanSided, Nerd Stash, Uproxx and Vulture.

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