Everything Goes to Hell (Literally) in the Latest Episode -- Watch Now

Eugene's in Hell, and his first friend is unexpected, to say the least. Thanks to some technical malfunctions, Eugene is forced to face his fellow inmates, and they're not very nice. This is Hell after all. But one inmate surprisingly comes to Eugene's defense: Adolf Hitler. He offers for Eugene to stay in his cell while the technical issues are worked out, and while in Hitler's cell, Eugene gets a glimpse into his worst memory. And it's not at all what he expected.

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Meanwhile, Tulip is in a Hell of her own. She's stuck in Viktor's house while he decides what to do with her. Knowing that she's in some kind of trouble, Cassidy can't keep it a secret anymore and he clues Jesse in. But when Jesse goes to find her, we learns a lot more then he bargained for.

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