Episode 8 Sneak Peek — Tulip Meets the New “Neighbors”

Now that the Saint of Killers is gone, Tulip, Jesse, and Cassidy are ready to enjoy New Orleans and get back to their primary mission of finding God. Unfortunately, there’s something else just around the corner that none of them are expecting.

Watch a Sneak Peek of Episode 8.

When the Saint of Killers came into Denis’s apartment building to kill Jesse, he shot a bullet straight through the walls of every apartment. Now that the angel of death is out of their hair, Tulip is desperately trying to eliminate his presence from her surroundings, starting with the bullet holes. It’s easy enough since most of the apartments are vacant, given the Saint killed all of the occupants in his search for Jesse.

However, when Tulip finds a locked door at the last apartment on Denis’s floor, Tulip calls into the apartment until someone answers. That someone is none other than Lara Featherstone. See how the Grail agent deals with Tulip coming by unannounced in this sneak peek of tonight’s all-new episode.

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