Dominic Cooper Talks to Den of Geek; IndieWire Gets Hints From Sam Catlin

This week, Dominic Cooper talks to Den of Geek, while IndieWire gets hints from Sam Catlin on the rest of the season. Plus, IGN is a fan of Joseph Gilgun's Cassidy. Read on for more:

• Dominic Cooper tells Den of Geek that Jesse is "constantly trying to quell this bubbling self-hatred and anger towards the world, in relation to his feeling of blame for the death of his father, so he's like a tightened coil just ready to go at any moment and it’s only going to get worse."

• Sam Catlin tells IndieWire, "I would say for fans of the comic book, I think that they should get ready for their patience to be rewarded in terms of new adversaries for Jesse and Tulip and Cassidy."

• In its review of the latest episode, IGN declares, "Cassidy is rapidly emerging as the true MVP of the series, as his sad plight is the source of most of this episode's emotional weight."

• learns from Dominic Cooper that the end of Season 2 "has extraordinary consequences that’s so shocking, that you can’t imagine would happen – that happens. It determines where the whole show will go."

• Dominic Cooper shares with Digital Spy, "Herr Starr completely changes everything, turns everything on its head. He's the key, he opens all the avenues and enlightens and explains everything for Jesse."

• Movie Pilot tries to figure out who God could be, observing, "It's just like Preacher to casually include God among the extras and supporting cast, to make for a shocking twist later, so let's examine the possibilities."

• For recaps and reviews of Season 2, Episode 8, "Holes," check out A.V. Club,, Den of Geek, FanSided, Vulture and The Young Folks.

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