Dominic Cooper Talks to 1883 Magazine; Meaww Interviews Julie Ann Emery

This week, Dominic Cooper speaks with 1883 Magazine, while Julie Ann Emery is interviewed by Meaww. Plus, Sam Catlin shares his thoughts on the final season with Meaww. Read on for more:

• Speaking with 1883 Magazine, Dominic Cooper calls Preacher "a very hard show to make in terms of what is required. You’re doing extraordinary fight and action sequences and then comedic bits, then gory bits, then intense, heartfelt dramatic scenes! But it was a great privilege and also very exciting."

• Julie Ann Emery tells Meaww, "Every effort was made to make this final season the best. The writing feels like a speeding freight train toward the apocalypse. And no matter how absurd the setting in any given scene, we [the actors] have always looked to each other to ground those scenes in some real human experience."

Meaww interviews Sam Catlin, who says of adapting the comic book, "With Preacher, I had to make sure that we were sticking to the same style and tone of the original work while infusing my and my team’s voice into it."

TVWise reports that Season 3 will premiere in the U.K. on Oct. 8 on AMC UK.

• For recaps and reviews of Season 4, Episode 7, "Messiahs," check out CBR, Den of Geek and Meaww.

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