Cast and Creators on Why Tulip Is Keeping a Dangerous Secret

Tulip does not want to go to New Orleans. But, after hearing from the owner of She She that God loves jazz, Jesse is hell bent on heading there.

Inside Episode 3 With the Cast and Creators.

"Tulip has got so many secrets hidden from her past. They're all bubbling under the surface and they're all very much apart of the environment that we're in," explains Dominic Cooper.

Arriving in New Orleans, Jesse immediately dives into his search for God, but Tulip grows more paranoid by the minute. Rather than tell Jesse the truth, she pretends she's sick.

"She does feel nervous about confiding in Jesse because one of her bete noires is being judged and being shamed. She can't risk that," adds Ruth Negga.

Hear the cast and creators discuss the dangerous secret that Tulip is keeping and what it does to her relationship with Jesse.

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