Cast and Creators on What It Means That Jesse Literally Sold His Soul

It's Jesse and his friends vs. the Saint of Killers. Someone has to lose. But with the Saint immune to the power of Genesis, Jesse has to get creative to defeat him.

Go Inside Episode 6 With the Cast and Creators

As the Saint of Killers holds Tulip and Cassidy hostage, Jesse leaves to find the Saint a soul -- the only way to get him into Heaven with his wife and daughter. But as Jesse goes from shop to shop, he learns they've all been put out of the soul-dealing business by a single supplier. Luckily, the supplier's armored truck is right around the corner. After a little Word of God, Jesse gets himself into the truck, only to find that none of the souls match with the Saint. Until he has the bright idea to try his own.

"The soul is the most important thing you have. It's a sign of Jesse's love for Tulip and Cassidy that he gives that up," explains Showrunner Sam Catlin.

Hear the cast and creators dig into what it means that Jesse literally sells his soul to save his friends, and why he won't send the Saint to Hell when he finally has the chance.

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