Cassidy's Best Quotes on Screen Rant; Hidden Remote Says to Catch Up on Preacher

This week, Screen Rant features Cassidy's best quotes, while Hidden Remote strongly advises catching up on the show before it returns on Aug. 4. Plus, Julie Ann Emery teases a little of what's to come in Season 4 to Brief Take. Read on for more:

• Explaining that Cassidy "has no filter and is frequently making wise-cracks that will live on forever in Preacher lore," Screen Rant decides to review "some of his funniest, and most biting quotes."

Hidden Remote recommends catching up on Preacher before Season 4 premieres on Aug. 4, calling the show "many things, from a horror, supernatural scare, and dark comedy. Needless to say, it’s a great series with a brilliant cast."

• Julie Ann Emery teases to Brief Take, "We’re going to see a bit of Featherstone redemption in Preacher Season 4, we see different sides of Featherstone this season that we hadn’t been seeing, for sure."

Metro describes Preacher as "the dark, twisted, supernatural drama that you’ve been waiting for."

Short List applauds Preacher, which "has its fair share of mayhem, bloody violence and acerbic comedy, but it also has a strong message about religion and asks some serious questions about, and to, god."

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