Can Jesse and Cassidy Survive the Effects of Loving the Same Woman?

Cassidy's in love with Tulip. Cassidy knows it. Tulip knows it. If Jesse is the only one that hasn't figured it out yet, then he's not paying much attention at all.

Watch the Episode 5 Talked About Scene.

After Jesse finds out that Tulip is married, he drags her husband, Viktor, into his own torture room and sends Tulip away with Genesis. Back at home, Tulip turns on Cassidy for telling Jesse. Her biggest fear has come true -- not only does Jesse know about Viktor, but Jesse's also going to hurt a man who's been nothing but good to Tulip.

Like any man in love would do, Cassidy goes to fix the mess so Tulip will forgive him. Except when Cassidy arrives to Viktor's mansion to speak with Jesse, he delivers some advice that, if followed, would only benefit one person: Cassidy.

Watch as Cassidy’s attempt to stop Jesse from making a rash decision reveals his true motives and unexpected tension between the two friends.

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