Pierce Brosnan Talks With TV Insider; Den of Geek Enjoys 1st Episode Back

This week, Pierce Brosnan talks Season 2 with TV Insider, while Den of Geek is impressed with the first episode back. Plus, Female First gets Henry Garrett's take on The Son. Read on for more:

• Interviewed by TV Insider, Pierce Brosnan explains that Season 2 is "very much about oil and its consequences, the retaliations of blood, and the undoing of families — and in the end, the world that has come about from those endeavors by men in small communities that became mighty politically."

• Reviewing "Numunuu," Den of Geek says the first episode "opens Season 2 with beautiful settings, measured pacing and expert acting. The series itself hearkens back to classic westerns with an epic scope and a ruthless heart. Corporate greed and family planning go hand in hand with no apologies."

• Speaking with Female First, Henry Garrett says, "Hopefully, people see Pete as being the voice of reason. For me, it's quite nice to hear that people connect to that, as there's quite a lot of violence in the world and quite a lot of destruction that goes on, so it's quite nice that people can relate to someone who's trying to walk a peaceful path."

• Pierce Brosnan tells Uproxx, "I’m very proud of the company of actors that I got to work with, and the ensemble of writers. They were so brilliantly, passionately informed and erudite about the history and the story of this family’s life. It’s a family saga which happens to be a Western."

• Pierce Brosnan talks to UPI about "the joy of the show -- the relevance of history, then compared to now, the power struggles, the oil, the greed and the manipulation of a culture or society by one man in the community."

• In a Q&A with BT TV, Pierce Brosnan says, "There’s a lot of miles under the belt in my own years as a man as an actor, as a father, I’ve dealt with various traumas in life, tragedies in life. Eli and I seem to have a kinship to each other -- I’m very fond of the character and I enjoy playing him."

Paste recommends that viewers watch The Son "for Pierce Brosnan, who’s a convincing mostly-bad guy even as you’re aware that what’s saving him is Brosnan’s own epic good-guy vibe. Watch it for the delightful supporting cast. Watch it for a Western fix."

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