Peter Ocko Explains Lodge 49's Ethos to IndieWire; Wyatt Russell Talks to Collider

This week, Peter Ocko explains Lodge 49's ethos with IndieWire, while Wyatt Russell chats with Collider about the show. Plus, Paste names the show one of the best on TV right now. Read on for more:

• Peter Ocko explains to IndieWire, "We’re obsessed with believers and the idea that if you believe strongly enough, you bring it into being. That’s the story of the Masons, it’s the idea of 'getting something from nothing.' That’s a card on our writers room wall."

• Wyatt Russell tells, "If you go back and you watch Season 1 and Season 2 together, there’s a feeling and vibe that the show creates that allows you to want to live in that world for a little while. It’s a world without smart phones and without email. It’s almost like a parallel universe that I love to be in."

Lodge 49 earns a place on Paste's ranking of the best shows on TV right now: "The show is an unhurried meditation and a quirky delight. There is something quiet and nice about a show that is, well, quiet and nice."

Filmmaker Magazine talks to Wyatt Russell, who says Lodge 49 has "a timeless quality to it, I feel like anyway. If in 25 years you watch this show, you'd get some idea of what the world was like but it wouldn't be that different necessarily. I think it'll be a show that'll live on for a very, very, very long time."

TV Overmind focuses on the show's cast, which portrays "a group of eccentric characters going through existential crises."

• For recaps and reviews of Season 2, Episode 5, "Estrella y Mar," check out A.V. Club and Show Snob.

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