Peter Gould Compares Saul and Breaking Bad; Michael McKean Talks Chuck's Ailment

This week, Peter Gould compares Better Call Saul with Breaking Bad, while Michael McKean discusses Chuck's ailment and the show in general. Plus, Bradley Paul tells The Hollywood Reporter about writing the latest episode, "Alpine Shepherd Boy." Read on for more:

• Speaking with National Post, Peter Gould says Better Call Saul has "things in common with Breaking Bad but it is tonally a different show. Jimmy McGill is sure as hell a different leading character from Walter White."

• Michael McKean discusses Chuck's affliction with Yahoo TV, saying, "If you want to get really paranoid, just imagine that every time you saw any kind of electrical cable or hook-up on a phone line or something, just to know if that caused you pain, physical pain to see it, you know?"

The Hollywood Reporter gets Michael McKean's take on the show's storytelling, how "they want to write so people get shaken. I don't think there are any Red Weddings in our future, but you've always got to remember the stakes are very high, even when it seems like we're doing breezier stuff."

Variety talks to Michael McKean, who teases, "You’re going to see a bit of [Jimmy’s] relationship with his father in an upcoming flashback. I read it, but I have not seen it. I can’t tell you much. It’s better to let these things hatch."

• Talking to HitFix, Michael McKean praises his showrunners: "One super thing about Vince [Gilligan] and Peter [Gould]'s work is that everybody's got a story. The next episode, we're looking into Mike's story a lot more. Nobody's just one thing, and that's just the way it is in real life."

Vulture learns from Michael McKean that Bryan Cranston, his All the Way co-star, first told him about the role of Chuck on Better Call Saul.

• Bradley Paul, who wrote the most recent episode, "Alpine Shepherd Boy," tells The Hollywood Reporter about Jimmy's Matlock inspiration, how he "genuinely believes — for a brief while, at least — that elder law might be his path. Therefore, he should dress the part, right? And what do old people love? Matlock!"

• Jonathan Banks tells Conan O'Brien that fans approach him wanting him to be just like Mike and they're "disappointed. They come up to me and they say, 'Oh Mike,' and I start to speak, and they look at me and they go, 'That's not Mike.'"

• Peter Gould, talking to, says Chuck is "maybe the smartest character on the show, and yet, he's trapped by this condition. How real his condition is, and where it comes from, those are all things that unfold during the season."

Entertainment Tonight calls Howard a fashion icon, a "rich, well-dressed lawyer with a smile so perfect you can practically hear the 'ping' when you look at his photograph."

IGN chats with Michael McKean, who says it's "a lot of fun working with Bob Odenkirk. If you’re going to be stuck in a room with anybody for ten, twelve hours, Bob's as good as anybody."

Gold Derby predicts a best drama series Emmy nomination for Better Call Saul this year, noting that the show has "a winning performance by Bob Odenkirk in the title role."

• Bob Odenkirk, interviewed by Saudi Gazette, says, "I relate to Jimmy McGill a lot more than I related to Saul Goodman. Saul was this persona. He was duplicitous, and on the face of it, he almost would tell you."

• The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette details how viewers can get their fill of Better Call Saul with online extras.

The Daily Mail offers "a guide to Better Call Saul that'll get you hooked."

The Fiscal Times contends that "so far, [Vince] Gilligan is delivering the goods with Better Call Saul on AMC."

• The U.K.'s Coventry Telegraph notes that Better Call Saul's "early episodes have not disappointed."

HuffPost Live talks to "four personal injury attorneys who would fit right in at [Saul] Goodman's practice."

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