People Interviews Pierce Brosnan; TheWrap Spotlights Season 2 Trailer

This week, People speaks about The Son with Pierce Brosnan, while TheWrap spotlights the Season 2 trailer. Plus, Den of Geek applauds Season 2. Read on for more:

• Pierce Brosnan tells People that Season 2 is "a wonderful season. It is still the same trials and tribulations of the McCulloughs and the consequences of their actions and my character Eli. I think the work is much more nuanced."

TheWrap posts the first Season 2 trailer, where Eli is "dealing with a whole mess of family trouble both in his past and his present." TVLine and Vital Thrills also highlight the trailer.

Den of Geek, reviewing Season 2, applauds The Son, saying, "Well-written and superbly acted, it is quality television."

Parade interviews Pierce Brosnan, who says Jeannie is "Eli’s world. She is the one that will lead. He knows that. He has a son who’s gay, and he has a son who is weak, but he wants to keep them both close at hand because he needs them all. If one goes down, he needs to have them play off of each other."

Cowboys and Indians interviews Elizabeth Frances, who says, "I hope The Son will lead to more curiosity in people who do not know about the history of Native people and the land where we all live. And that it leads to more shows with similar themes."

Den of Geek speaks with Pierce Brosnan, who describes his characters as a man who "seethes with an anger anyway, and a ferocious animal instinct of self-preservation, Eli does, mixed in with a highly sophisticated, forward thinking man."

BBC America highlights The Son's April 27 return, noting that Season 2 is "even more layered than the first" and that "it seems safe to expect a suitably high-stakes resolution" to the series.

• Elizabeth Frances, speaking with Meaww, says the Season 2 stakes are "definitely higher with everything surrounding Eli and especially his first love [Prairie Flower], too. Things get lovely but then they get really tricky."

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