Crave Debuts Season 1 DVD Clip; PC Tech Cites Halt For Digital Launch Lessons

This week, CraveOnline debuts a Season 1 DVD clip, while PC Tech Magazine cites Halt and Catch Fire for lessons about launching a digital company. Plus, The Mindy Project's Mindy Kaling talks to Conan O'Brien about kissing Lee Pace. Read on for more:

• CraveOnline posts a video clip from the Season 1 DVD (due out May 5) where Mackenzie Davis and Kerry Bishé "explain some of the research that goes into recreating the ‘80s for this series."

• PC Tech Magazine, talking about launching a digital company, cites lessons from Halt and Catch Fire "one of my favorite series", which is "about the first days of computing and how a halt in releasing your portable computer or breakthrough software would make you extinct."

• Mindy Kaling talks to Conan about improvising a kiss with Lee Pace on The Mindy Project and how she then "pretended it didn’t happen."

• TBI Vision reports that Halt and Catch Fire will premiere in Poland on Apr. 12.

• Atlanta notes the sheer number of movies and TV shows, including Halt and Catch Fire, currently shooting in the greater Atlanta area.

• Lee Pace tells Esquire about returning to Pushing Daisies, that "I would be totally up for it if it comes back around."