Odenkirk Shares Emmy Excitement; Saul Snags 7 Nominations

This week, The New York Times talks with Bob Odenkirk about his Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Emmy nomination for Better Call Saul. Plus, Jonathan Banks talks about his Outstanding Supporting Actor nod. Read on for more:

The New York Times interviews Bob Odenkirk about his Outstanding Lead Actor Emmy nomination, and the actor shares his excitement, saying, "I’m not drunk but I a feel a little drunk right now. Emotionally, not alcoholically."

Yahoo interviews Jonathan Banks on his Outstanding Supporting Actor Emmy nomination, who says, "This is really from my heart: I’m so lucky."

• For more Emmy news about Better Call Saul's 7 Emmy nominations, check out USA TodayThe Huffington Post and HNGN.

The Wrap also sits down with Odenkirk, who says, "the opportunity to play a character at multiple levels, to have the richness of his history, to have a multi-faceted inner life, and one so well drawn and so detailed as this, is crazy opportunity."

• In an interview with Gold Derby, Bob Odenkirk reveals he will submit Season 1 Episode 9,"Pimento," to the Emmys for his Outstanding Lead Actor nomination.

IFC reports that Vince Gilligan guests on this week's WTF With Marc Maron podcast and discusses Better Call Saul's Emmy success.

Better Call Saul writer Gordon Smith talks to Hit Fix about his journey from Vince Gilligan's writers assistant to his recent Emmy nomination for Season 1 Episode 6, "Five-O."

Movie Pilot speculates about Gus Fring's future in Better Call Saul, saying, "some occurrence or meeting must go down to take Mike from being the grumpy parking attendant escaping his past to being the ruthless right hand of Gus Fring."

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