NY Times Recommends Preacher; Sam Catlin Teases Herr Starr to EW

This week, The New York Times recommends watching Preacher, while Sam Catlin teases Herr Starr to Entertainment Weekly. Plus, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg talk to Collider about the show. Read on for more:

• The New York Times recommends watching Preacher, which finds "success through clever writing, top-flight cinematography and, crucially, smart casting."

• Sam Catlin teases to Entertainment Weekly that Herr Starr, who will be properly introduced on July 31, is part of the Grail, "the ambassadors, or criminal attorneys, for heaven and hell here on earth. They just basically in a lot of ways run the planet. Herr Starr is sort of the enforcer for this organization."

• Seth Rogen tells Collider that, in Season 2, "we really wanted to double down on our tone and the swings we were taking and the types of characters we were introducing and the types of plots we were revolving what was hopefully a very grounded and relatable emotional character story."

• Collider speaks with Evan Goldberg, who says he and Seth Rogen "always want to be part of the initial burst of each season because we want the seasons to each change every time, so to miss out on that creative endeavor to create the new season and the new tone, the new filming style would be too much of a bummer for me to handle."

• Icon vs. Icon interviews Julie Ann Emery, who says, "One of the things that really works for the show is that there are these crazy characters and circumstances but the acting is always very grounded, motivated and real."

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