NY Times Commends Drummer; Michael Shannon Talks Spies With EW

This week, The New York Times commends The Little Drummer Girl, while Michael Shannon talks to Entertainment Weekly about playing a spymaster. Plus, Florence Pugh speaks with Vanity Fair. Read on for more:

The Little Drummer Girl is "a superior entertainment, beautifully made and engrossing throughout," according to The New York Times review.

• Talking to Entertainment Weekly about playing a spy, Martin Kurtz, Michael Shannon says, "It seemed like a big challenge to me because it’s very far away from my own life experience. I have not done or seen any of the things that Kurtz has done or seen..."

• "What is beautiful about Charlie is that she’s actually quite normal. We’re so used to watching these spectacular, fantastic characters on-screen do marvelous things. So it’s quite refreshing to see a normal take on such a scary world," Florence Pugh says to Vanity Fair.

• Simon Cornwell tells the Los Angeles Times why The Little Drummer Girl was adapted: "Following The Night Manager, we were looking for something that shared the same sense of ambition, of scale."

• Interviewed by The New York Times about The Little Drummer Girl's palate, Park Chan-wook says, "I wanted to stay away from the dull, gloomy colors you would conjure up when thinking about the espionage genre. This is a story about a civilian woman, an actress, and I wanted that vitality and life in the visual landscape."

• Florence Pugh speaks with W Magazine about shooting on the Acropolis: "It’s such a bizarre thing to know about a place, to learn about a place, and then, to be the only people in this historic place. It was just us there. Fifty of us, roaming these old artifacts."

The Boston Globe commends The Little Drummer Girl, which "proves to be a triumph of meticulous mise en scène that perfectly complements the mazelike story with which it’s interwoven."

NPR characterizes The Little Drummer Girl as "one of the year's most tense and well-acted TV thrillers."

A.V. Club characterizes The Little Drummer Girl "a lavish example of the ’70s as period—not kitsch, not nostalgia, but a true period piece."

The Little Drummer Girl "brims with style and intrigue—and ranks among the best espionage TV dramas in recent memory," The Daily Beast applauds.

The Ringer says Park Chan-wook "does an excellent job telling a complex story, but his facility with the interiority of [John] le Carré’s work is what’s staggering. Because that, ultimately, is what makes the source material timeless."

Quartzy observes, "The Little Drummer Girl—a labyrinthine, globe-trotting tale of espionage that takes place during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the 1970s, is the kind of slow-burning but enchanting story that event TV was made for."

• Ahead of the show's premiere, Indie Wire applauds the cast, which "makes each of the six episodes all the better, including an aptly lived-in turn from [Florence] Pugh and one hell of a blustery accent from Michael Shannon, while European vistas burst with vibrancy and detail."

Collider.com commends Florence Pugh, "who really carries the miniseries with her boldness and charm, fully commanding the screen and giving a deeply natural and genuine performance as an amateur spy caught between two worlds."

The Plain Dealer praises Park Chan-wook, who takes a "methodically constructed foundation of exposition, climbing to breathtaking heights from which his gifted star, Florence Pugh, can soar her way toward a near-certain Emmy nomination. This is quite a showcase role for Pugh, and she makes the most of it."

The Little Drummer Girl premieres Monday, November 19 9/8c. For more on all the latest The Little Drummer Girl news, sign up for the Insiders Club.