Newsweek on Season 4 Heading to Hulu; Screen Rant Talks Travis Death

This week, Newsweek reports that Season 4 is heading to Hulu, while Screen Rant discusses the importance of Travis' death. Plus, wonders about more crossover opportunities. Read on for more:

Newsweek reports that Season 4 will be available on Hulu on Mar. 19.

Screen Rant explains, "Travis’s death was a turning point for Fear The Walking Dead and proved the show wasn’t afraid to take risks." declares, "As the blossoming Walking Dead Universe continues to expand, there lies the opportunity for more cross-pollination between mothership series The Walking Dead and spinoff Fear the Walking Dead."

• Reviewing the Season 4 Blu-ray, Flick Direct asserts, "Fear the Walking Dead has found its legs. This season continued to grow on me in positive and interesting ways...We are treated, through some deft writing and really decent acting, to a varied and action-filled plot."

Hulu Watcher, noting the Season 4 release later this month, observes, "The good news is that a March release gives us plenty of time to catch up before the Season 5 Premiere later this year. An exact date hasn’t been announced but the fifth season will presumably air within the next few months."

Screen Rant clues readers in on "what to expect from Fear the Walking Dead Season 5."

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