New CREEPSHOW DVD Release Creeping Up On US

U.S. fans of George Romero's Creepshow (1982) have been living with a barebones DVD release from Warner Bros. that has become a bargain bin perennial over the years.  But fans may yet hope for a new release with all the features, interviews and deleted scenes we've come to expect with our classic horror discs. CREEPSHOW's European distributor is putting out a feature-laden special edition disc just in time for Halloween 2007. Our buddy Michael Felsher (the same lucky guy who's working on all the behind-the-scenes stuff for Romero's upcoming DIARY OF THE DEAD) has recorded audio commentary with Romero and make-up efx legend Tom Savini..  Mike is currently shooting interview footage of various players for a retrospective featurette and has even found a deleted scene. As this was Romero's first collaboration with horror giant Stephen King (as both screenwriter and actor) and also his first major studio release, there should be a lot of interesting stories to be shared -- and we hope Mr. King will make himself available to join in on the project as well. As CREEPSHOW is definitely due for an upgrade on these shores, we can only hope that our continued fan interest will make Warner Bros. take notice of what's going on overseas and license these extras for their own special edition release (complete with a newer, digitally sparkling transfer. of course). And for those keeping score, here's a poster for the upcoming Creepshow 3, which does not involve any of the original participants -- so buyer beware!