Moviepilot Looks to Season 2; Michael McKean Talks New Food Show

This week, Moviepilot looks ahead to Season 2. Plus, Michael McKean discusses his new Cooking Channel food show. Read on for more:

Moviepilot wonders what viewers "can expect from season 2."

• Michael McKean, interviewed by the Star-Telegram about his new gig as host of the Cooking Channel's Food: Fact or Fiction?, says, "I’ve always noticed how many things we accept as fact turn out to be either completely wrong or at least very different under historical examination. I’m out to get at the truth. And eat it, too."

Zap2it speaks with Michael McKean, who says of his new Cooking Channel show that "the more we went through it, the more we realized just axiomatic things about food have entered the language but we don’t know where they came from."

Vulture showcases the first sketch of Netflix's W/ Bob and David where "you can see Paul F. Tompkins trying to share his normal New Year's resolutions with his friends, including insane ones, like starting their own phone company."

Rolling Stone considers W/ Bob and David one of the 10 best movies and TV shows to stream in November, noting that diehard fans "would happily trade their limbs for these four half-hour episodes."

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