Monday's Scores

Monday morning at work. Is there anything scarier? Marauding mutant sharks, pretentious serial killers, unkempt chainsaw wielding maniacs and your run-of-the-mill holiday-themed revenge-seeking murderer are all isolated, scary things with dizzying flashbacks and sudden loud-noise scares and the like that happen every now and again, but Monday morning approaches with unstoppable frightening regularity every single week.... ....AND NOTHING CAN STOP IT! But there is one thing that can alleviate the pain of Monday morning just a little bit. Streaming genre film soundtracks on your computer while doing the work you hate. I mean, after all -- you ARE reading this at work right now anyway, aren't you? Sci-fi music lovers? Right this way please. Horror geeks? You know who you are -- and here's your link. Don't be afraid to thank me in the comments section. I know I just made your day that much better and I'm proud of it.