Moments from Shows That Will Have You Screaming at Your TV

Good TV shows will make you laugh, cry, and sometimes even yell at your TV screen. They get you so wrapped up in the characters and their stories that you become invested. You wonder what’s going to happen next—back in the day it was in between weekly air dates, now it’s in between binge breaks—and you form opinions on what should and shouldn't happen.

It explains why some of the most popular shows have the most hotly debated endings. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. No, no. We’re talking about those pulse pumping moments that actually make you yell at the screen. From excitement to rage, here are our top five “scream-at-your-TV” moments.

Walt Saving Jesse in Breaking Bad

There were honestly a lot of “scream at your TV” moments when it came to Breaking Bad. From the demise of Gus at the hand of Walt, to the death of Hank (also kind of because of Walt), there’s a reason the show is such a sensation. But the moment we’re focusing on here is the ending. By the last episode of the fifth season, we could all speculate on what the outcome might be for our leads, Walt and Jesse. Walt was tucked away in a cabin, in hiding, with his health obviously deteriorating by the day. Meanwhile, Jesse was still under the reigns of Uncle Jack and his crew, including the very creepy Todd. The writers did such a wonderful job getting their characters to this dead end, it would work to just have them die in their respective hells.

Surely these ideas must’ve made it around the writers’ room, but in reality, it wasn’t so simple. “It took the longest time to come up with that ending, probably the better part of a year,” Vince Gilligan, the creator and executive producer told AMC back in 2013 when the show first ended. One of the biggest hang-ups of wrapping up the series was including a machine gun that Walt acquired early in the fifth season—any of us who watched the finale know that they ultimately made good use of it. The moment Jesse hit the ground and the bullets began tearing through the place, it was hard to keep the shock contained.

Watch the scene from the series finale:

The Red Wedding on Game of Thrones

You have likely heard about this scene even if you haven’t watched Game of Thrones. Popular from Season 1 through Season 8, with characters that could be killed off at any episode, it’s hard for a single scene to really stand out. But this one definitely does and it’s infamously known as “The Red Wedding.” You could say the incident began when much of King Robb’s army abandoned him. He was in need of support, so he looked to repair his ties with Walder Frey. Lord Frey then demanded that Edmure Tully, an ally to King Robb, marry one of Frey’s daughters.

At the wedding, Lord Frey makes note of the guest right—a guest cannot harm the host nor can the host harm a guest for the duration of the guest’s stay. So they plan the attack for after the ceremony, once the marriage is consummated. Lord Frey’s soldiers take strategic positions throughout the room and they wait for their queue, when the orchestra begins to play "The Rains of Castamere." The first to be attacked is King Robb’s wife, who is pregnant. This horrific opening set the tone for the rest of the scene, and we'd bet money that every viewer was screaming at their TV screens.

Watch George R.R. Martin—writer of the fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire in which Game of Thrones was adapted from—witness viewer reactions to The Red Wedding scene.

When Rachel Gets Off the Plane on Friends

Listen, we all knew that Ross and Rachel had to end up together or fans would’ve flipped out. Despite this likelihood, we still all sat stunned as the events unfolded before us. By season ten (the final one), Ross and Rachel have had their baby together. But it’s not until Rachel has decided to take a job in Paris, and is about to leave that Ross is able to get the guts to tell her that he loves her (still, or again, who knows, who cares!)

Ross and Rachel spend a romantic night together, and while Ross is feeling feelings, Rachel is looking at it as the perfect goodbye. The entire day leading up to Rachel’s flight out, Ross tries to work up the guts to tell her how he feels. He can’t do it. Ross finally gets the courage and Phoebe rushes him to the airport. Ross tells her, but she struggles with the information and she boards the plane anyway. When Ross gets home he has a voice message from Rachel. She explains her behavior at the airport and says she’s getting off the plane, but we hear an attendant tell her to sit down and then the phone cuts off. As Ross freaks out trying to see if there’s more to the message, screaming “Did she get off the plane? Did she get off the plane?” Rachel walks in the door behind him and confirms she definitely got off the plane (screams).

Watch the scene:

The Poison Scene on Soulmates, Episode 5

Oh, boy. Let’s just say that in a world where you can take a test to find out who your soulmate is, it's crushing to discover that this person that is perfectly fit for you is no longer alive. This is the reality for Kurt and Martha. The two meet at a support group for people whose soulmates have passed on. After a night together that ends abruptly, they meet again at another place where people go when their soulmates have passed on. Except unlike the support group, this place promises you can meet your soulmate... and it’s kind of like a cult.

Within the first day, Martha and Kurt are given a vial of poison. They drink it. It’s fake, and it only puts them out long enough for them to be transported to a field where they wake up and are told to begin digging their own graves. It’s not lost on them that this is extreme and fast, but for different reasons they each feel that this is their only option. However, being in each other's presence begins to change their perspective. Martha's struck that Kurt would be willing to end his life so early, him being younger and all. Kurt is simply falling for Martha, realizing he might be able to find love outside of his soulmate. But the day comes when they must drink the real poison. As the two stand amongst the rest of the group, they both bring the vial to their lips, and they drink. Genuinely, I could not stop yelling at them both.

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