Miles Millar Teases Finale to Den of Geek; Syfy Talks to Eugenia Yuan

This week, Miles Millar teases the Series Finale to Den of Geek, while Syfy Wire interviews Eugenia Yuan. Plus, Nick Frost talks Bajie's fighting style with Fandom Spotlite. Read on for more:

• Miles Millar teases the Series Finale to Den of Geek, which says Season 3 is "firing on all cylinders," saying, "We really wanted to give the story an ending, but also always leave a few side doors open. This world is going to continue in one form or another beyond the show."

• Eugenia Yuan tells Syfy Wire, "All of us — the Widow, Gaius, all of us — we need to fight for this greater cause because we have to fight Pilgrim, the one who is our ultimate challenge, the person we are putting all the other stuff down for to fight and unite against. He is the person who is most dangerous."

Fandom Spotlite quotes Nick Frost (who "has shown a whole new dimension to his abilities" as Bajie) saying, "I was really keen when we did the fighting that I wanted them to tailor the style of fighting to what I could do physically... so I wanted him to be a wrestler and a brawler and a bit dirty with some rudimentary martial arts skills."

Syfy Wire previews "Requiem for the Fallen," where "M.K. has (mostly) emerged in one piece after Pilgrim's first confrontation with the Widow and her army but might be making a poor decision to dwell inside his own darkness."

FanSided touts Into the Badlands, which "has a rich mythology like Game of Thrones, and it’s just as beautifully filmed, too. There’s some amazing martial arts action that happens in every episode, unlike anything else that’s currently available on TV, and the characters are unique and just the right amount of mysterious."

Screen Rant explains, "In a shocking twist, Into the Badlands has just revealed that Cressida (Lorraine Toussaint) has the Gift - or at least something that looks like it - except with one major difference."

• Ex-Minnesota Viking Sherman Augustus tells Minnesota's Star Tribune, "I always have to find a way to win. Even if my character gets killed, I’m going to find a way to go out a winner."

Screen Rant posits that "the reveal of Sunny's backstory provides closure for one of the show's biggest mysteries, allowing the series to focus its attention on Pilgrim and the fate of the Badlands."

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