Miles Millar Talks Badlands Return With Syfy; Den of Geek Touts Final Episodes

This week, Miles Millar speaks about the show's return with Syfy Wire, while Den of Geek talks up the final episodes. Plus, Sherman Augustus teases to Hidden Remote what viewers can expect. Read on for more:

• Miles Millar tells Syfy Wire, "One of the arcs of these last episodes that's definitely central is this relationship between Pilgrim and Sunny, and that their history as brothers in Azra deeply affects what happens. It becomes this battle between these two men for the survival and the future of the Badlands."

Den of Geek recommends watching the final eight episodes: "We should know. we’ve seen ‘em. If you think this show doesn't plan on going out with a bang, you've got another think coming."

• Previewing the rest of the season to Hidden Remote, Sherman Augustus says, "It’s going to start off epic. It really is. I don’t think there’s a dull episode within the next eight. They put the pedal to the metal and they cut the brake lines. Oh yeah they did."

Syfy Wire interviews Emily Beecham, who talks about how the Master forces the Widow "to confront those things that make her softer and more insecure at times, but ultimately probably would make her a better leader in terms of self-reflection and facing the past. Which probably makes her feel angry."

Screen Rant recommends the show's final episodes, saying they begin "with an assured confidence that not only does it know where it’s going, but that it won’t lose sight of what makes this series special as it journeys down that particular path."

Syfy Wire calls this week's episode "awesome," saying it "kicked all kinds of ass."

Indiewire declares, "No show has ever looked like Into the Badlands before, and no show will ever look like Into the Badlands again."

Hypable declares that this week's episode promises "a bloody good time." declares that Bajie would do well in the MMA because he "holds his own in battle through a combination of his powerful girth and stellar hand-to-hand combat skills."

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